International Bibles: Black-owned, American small business. Buy your Bible Here!

International Bibles is a fully functional online Christian bookstore with Catholic Bibles Protestant Bibles and foreign language Bibles. In addition, we have many Christian reference books, take for instance we have Bible concordances, Bible dictionaries, and Bible commentaries. Here you can also find Bible lessons, accessories & Church supplies. For the more technically advanced, we have bible software, electronic Bibles, audio bibles & the Bible on DVD.

International Bibles: Black-owned, American small business.
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Welcome to International Bibles

My name is Daniel Stewart, I want to invite you to shop International Bibles. It is one of the best kept secrets in Omaha another great source for the materials you need in you walk of righteousness. Here you may get your church supplies, bible accessories, Bibles, inspirational books and many of the other items you need for your spiritual journey. We serve Protestants, Catholic and the international communities.

 I opened International Bibles in 1998 to continue with and enhance the ministry that God called me into in 1967: Spreading the Gospel through the sale of religious books. In my years of operation I've seen the wonderful blessing that inspirational books have brought into the Lives of thousands of people throughout the world. These publications are an open gateway to many blessings through which anyone can enter simply by searching for the right book and reaping the glorious benefits of the words therein.

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