Bible Tabs: Bible tabs that make bible information easy to find.
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Bible accessory: to easily locate important data use the Bible highlighter and Bible indexing or Bible tabs,
and Bible Cover the Bible accessory that protects your Bible in all weather conditions

Bible Tabs/Bible index tabs/Bible Index

Heritage Products

Tab extends 1/2" from page edge. Overlapping design can index a standard Bible in only two rows. Catholic version includes extra tabs for the Catholic Canons.
Ideal for compact, zipper and snap flap Bibles.

Lawton Transparent tabs with opaque gold panel in center, book names in blue. Extra large flap of transparent tape hold each tab securely. Can be used on any Bible

General Uses Indices

You Write on it Tabs

Rock of Ages Bible index

Tabbies Bible index tabs

White opaque tabs with black type, can be read from both sides. Each tab is held in place by tapes that grip both sides of the page. The tapes are transparent so the tabs will fit any bible or book regardless of margin width.


Safe - Bible index Tabs

Only SAFE TAB meets the edge of the paper at 45 degree angle instead of the 90 degree like round or rectangular tabs. indexing the gospel with any size bible printed, both sizes aligning guide with extra large for easy reading and quick reference and they won't fall off. While these Bible tabs protects your Bible from tears

Spanish Bible index tabs

Bible tabs that will make it easy for you to find what you looking for in the Bible. Your choice of large print, Catholic, with gold edges, silver edges, gold mini large print tabs self-adhesive