Spanish Bible Tabs

Bible accessory:
to easily locate important data use the Bible highlighter and Bible indexing or Bible tabs,
and Bible Cover the Bible accessory that protects your Bible in all weather conditions

Spanish Bible Tabs

SPANISH VERSE FINDERS; Tab extends 1/2" from page edge. Overlapping design can index a standard Bible in only two rows. Set includes extra tabs for the Catholic Canons.

Instant Index: White opaque tabs with black type and white background.

For any size Spanish Bible from 7 to 12 inches; includes 85 gold-edged tabs for old and new testaments including catholic books. Spanish rainbow tabs include 77 tabs. All tabs are pre-cut to 1" size and self-adhesive. 


A new revolution of Bible indexing tabs is finally here!  Unlike other tabs, the bell shaped SAFE-TAB meets the edge of  the Bible page at 45instead of  90o.  The 45angle of contact evenly disburses the stress point on the Bible page, thereby  preventing paper tears.