Audio Bible Cassettes Compact Discs and DVD's


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Audio Bible presented in a combination of different content forms such as audio, compact disc, video and interactive content.
Find the Bible your looking for in the format you want.


Audio Bibles on Cassettes Compact Discs and DVD's

The best-selling book of all time is now at your disposal whenever you want to listen! International Bibles offers audio bibles in cassette, in several different versions, King James Version, New American Standard Version, New King James Version, and We also offer audio Bibles in foreign languages. We feel certain we can accommodate you with the audio  Bible in the translation of your choice. 

Some units are simply the spoken word, others are dramatized, and some are with gentle musically enhanced backgrounds and sound effects. This presentation of the Holy Word allow you to savor and consider the depth of the words, teachings, and descriptions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our audio bibles.


Audio Cassettes Narrated by Alexander Scourby

The beautiful language of the KJV is narrated by popular British dramatist Alexander Scourby best known for his eloquent voice. A powerful and classic word-for-word recording of the KJV New Testament without musical background.

E. W. Jeffries new Testament Audio: New American Standard

The New American Standard, Americas best loved translation narrated by the deep voice of E. W. "Red" Jefferies. Let the word of God bring a blessing in your life!

Foreign Language Audio Bibles, Translations of the New Testaments

Foreign Language New Testament in Audio
Your choice in seventeen Bible audio Cassettes

Stephen Johnston narrates KJV 44 Cassettes Audio Bible

Here is the newest rendition of the popular New King James Version Bible, read word-for-word by award-winning narrator Stephen Johnston over a soft instrumental background

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. KJV 48 Cassettes Audio Bible

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. narrators the King James Version, KJV (1611) the most popular translation ever produced