Foreign Language Audio


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Audio Bible presented in a combination of different content forms such as audio, compact disc, video and interactive content.
Find the Bible your looking for in the format you want.

Foreign Language New Testament in Audio
Your choice in seventeen Bible audio Cassettes

Foreign Language Audio Testaments: You may have All foreign language audio New testament cassette volumes are recorded on high quality VRX magnetic tape


NT 16 CT Van Dyke Edition $39.97
3001-A French NT 16 CT Charles Guillot $39.97
5001-A German  NT 24 CT Luther Edition $49.97
9801-A Greek NT 13 CT Panos Zachariou $39.97
9501-A Hebrew NT 16 CT Shmoo-Eloff $39.97
9201-A Hindi NT 16 CT Steven Paul $39.97
9402-A Hungarian NT 16 CT Joseph Steiner $39.97
4001-A Italian NT 16 CT Elio Milazzo $39.97
9701-A Japanese NT 24 CT Colloquial Version $49.97
6001-A Korean NT 24 CT Revised Hankul Edition $49.97
7001-A Portuguese NT 16 CT Almedia Viraso Atualzada $39.97
7101-A Romanian NT 15 CT Cornilescu Version $39.97
8002-A Russian NT 15 CT Synodal Version $29.97
6301-A Tagalog NT 16 CT Gavino Tica $39.97
9301-A Telegu NT 12 CT B.A. Pratap Kumar $29.97
9601-A Ukrainian NT 12 CT New Translation $29.97
9101-A Urdu NT 16 CT Victor Paul $39.97