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Arabic New Testament Audio
William Jundy, Narrator

Arabic New Testament 16 Audiocassettes. William Jundy, Narrator

ARABIC NT Audio Cassette 

Van Dyke Edition
William Jundy, Narrator
Audio Arabic New Testament
16 Cassettes in 1 Volume

Audio Arabic New Testament of cassette volumes are recorded on quality VRX magnetic tape

Not only do we have Audio Arabic New Testament  but, International Bibles also provides the most popular translations in foreign language Bibles and New Testaments in print format. We make this provision of the Gospel in various foreign Bibles to enable our growing and diverse culture, to read the Gospel in the language they really understand, their own!  

Consider giving sharing the Bible with your international friends it’s a great way to share the gospel with your international friends. They make great gifts in both the audio and Print formats. I’m sure they will greatly appreciate you for your thoughtfulness.

A Special Note: Concerning each of the Audio Bibles we provide there is currently no translation that is a complete Bible in audio. The audio is only available in the New Testament. We have no compact disks or mp3, except in the Spanish language.


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