NIV Audio Bible NT Read by Charles Taylor CD


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Audio Bible presented in a combination of different content forms such as audio, compact disc, video and interactive content.
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NIV Audio Bible NT Read by Charles Taylor CD

NIV Audio Bible NT Voice Only CD

By Read by Charles Taylor

ISBN-10: 0310920523    ISBN-13: 9780310920526
Publisher: Zondervan - 2002-02-01
Format: Audio CD
List price: USD 29.99

Voice Only, great quality at an affordable price The NIV Audio Bible digitally enhanced for improved clarity and listening enjoyment. Read by Charles Taylor.

Easy to listen to      
My husband & I are very happy with the NIV audio Bible. It is very easy to listen to. We listen during our morning and afternoon work commutes and it is surprising how quickly we are getting through the CD's. I have had a difficult time reading the Bible and listening to it makes it much easier to comprehend. I would recommend this to everyone.

Excellent production      
I bought this as a gift and am so pleased with it that I will buy one for myself. The reader's voice is pleasant, and he reads with the tone of a storyteller, making you want to hear what comes next. The introduction to each book helps to know what to expect, without opinions or conflicting teaching. Being able to move from chapter to chapter by changing tracks is also very convenient in case you want to repeat something or clarify what you heard. Excellent just for listening as you drive as well.