The Spoken Word of God

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The Spoken Word of God

The Spoken Word of God

King James Version Complete Bible

By: Dr. Paul Mims

ISBN-10: 1589680154    ISBN-13: 9781589680159
Publisher: Christian Duplications International - 1997-07-01
Format: Audio CD
List price: USD 129.97

Complete Bible on Compact Disc

Enjoy the King James Version - articulately narrated by Paul Mims!

This Deluxe Edition is the perfect addition to your devotional life. Paul Mims was the first to narrate the cassete Bible. His original narration of the Authorized King James Version makes "easy listening" It is the Spoken Word of God in its original freshness and simplicity.

Exclusive Quick Reference index allows each book of the Bible to be located immediately! For your convenience, each book has been indexed. Simply use your track feature to make a selection.

  • Authorized King James Version
  • 61 Compact Discs
  • Exclusive quick reference index