Steven Johnston Complete Bible MP3


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Audio Bible presented in a combination of different content forms such as audio, compact disc, video and interactive content.
Find the Bible your looking for in the format you want.

Steven Johnston Complete Bible MP3

NASB Audio Bible, MP3 
by Stephen Johnston 
Audio Bibles 

Price: $24.95 
Binding: CD 
Pub Date: October 2007 
ISBN: 9781598561203 

Known for its word-for-word literal accuracy, the New American Standard Bible, updated edition, is the number one choice for in-depth inductive Bible study. Enjoy Stephen Johnstons powerful narration of the New American Standard Versionâ ‚¬ €72 hours instantly accessible via MP3 device, computer, or MP3-enabled CD or DVD player.

Audio CDs hold just over one hour of readingâ ‚¬ €MP3-format CDs hold over 25. Get all sixty-six books of Scripture on only three CDs!


â ‚¬ ¢ PDF search function allows the listener/reader to search for any word or phrase
â ‚¬ ¢ A simple click provides easy movement between books and chapters
â ‚¬ ¢ Windows or Macintosh compatible
â ‚¬ ¢ Recorded at 56 KBPS
â ‚¬ ¢ Introductions to each book of the Bible

â ‚¬ ¢ 32 MB of RAM or higher
â ‚¬ ¢ 25 MB of free hard drive Steven Johnston Complete Bible MP3 (to load software onto computer hard drive) 
â ‚¬ ¢ 1.9 GB to save entire file to hard drive

9781598561203  Bible, 3 CD's $24.95