Faith-Filled Catholic Women's Bible

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Faith-Filled Catholic Women's Bible

Faith-Filled Catholic Women's Bible


Faith-Filled Catholic Women's Bible - NABRE LARGE PRINT
By: Fireside Catholic Publishing
ISBN: 1556654685 ISBN-13: 9781556654688
Publisher: Fireside Catholic Publishing - 2012-01-05
Format: Paperback
List price: USD 34.95

The faith-filled Catholic Women’s Bible can help you grow emotionally and spiritually in your faith. Thought-provoking articles, inspirational scripture and unique biographies are presented in four comprehensive themes:

  • Plan and Purpose
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Profile in Faith
  • Faith in Action

Topics: Acceptance; Compassion; Diligence; Faith; Forgiveness; Generosity; Goodness; Holiness; Hope; Humility; Joy; Justice; Kindness; Love; Loyalty; Patience; Peace; Sacrifice; Suffering; Triumph; Understanding and Wisdom.

This popular edition which has sold out two previous printings has been re-introduced in the New American Bible Revised Edition translation with a new contemporary cover and insert design and LARGE Print text!