Ushering in Today's Churches

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Ushering in Today's Churches

Ushering in Today's Churches  Ushering in Today's Churches
By: Horatio Wilson
ISBN: 1591608937 ISBN-13: 9781591608936
Publisher: Xulon Press (2003-08-28)
Paperback | 76 Pages | List Price: $10.99
Product Dimensions: 9.12 x 6.04 x 0.24 inches

Ushering in Today's Churches was written to assist usher ministries to serve God in an effective and excellent manner. The contents of this book are for any churches that desire to take their usher ministries to the next level. The book will give ushers the knowledge to serve God with a spirit of excellence and elevate God with a well-organized ministry. I offer my assistance as a workshop instructor to any church organization that has the desire to further educate its usher ministry. The workshop will equip the usher ministry with knowledge and techniques that God has blessed me with. To have a workshop at your church, please refer to the workshop information page at the end of this book.








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