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  • Church Usher Training Resources

    The Ministry of Ushers

    The Ministry of Ushers
    by Gregory F. Smith 

    Liturgical Press, The - March 1986
    Format: (P)

    Father Smith Explains how ushers training can effectively serve the worshiping assembly with joy, dependability, kindness, and reverence, and thus prepare their brothers and sisters for joyous participation in the sacrament of unity.

    ISBN: 0814612075
    The Work of the Usher 

    The Work of the Usher 

    This book is a complete guide, simply and clearly written, suitable for individual or group training, and durably bound in a convenient size.

    ISBN: 0817003568
    Ushers, God's front line Commanders

    Ushers, God's front line Commanders

    by Josef Howard 
    ISBN-10: 141840876X    ISBN-13: 9781418408763
      AuthorHouse - May 2004
    Format: (P)

    This book deals with issues such as: ushers and etiquette, ushers taboos, what ushers need to know about the local church, usher’s relationship with the pastor(s), and different kinds of emergencies that occur in the local church and how to handle them. This book also scrutinizes the ministry of ushering from an interdenominational and biblical perspective.

    ISBN: 141840876X
    Manual Del Ujier [Spanish]

    Manual Del Ujier [Spanish]

    Manual del Ujier 
    By: Leslie Parrott 
    ISBN-10: 0829703292 ISBN-13: 9780829703290 
    Vida - 1992-09-01
    (P) | Spanish Edition | 68 Pages | Dimensions: 6.99 x 4.25 x 0.17 inches

    The author describes the functions of the usher and provides practical guidelines on how this vital role in the church may be carried out with grace and efficiency.


    ISBN: 0829703292

    Ushering in Today's Churches

    Ushering in Today's Churches

    by  Horatio Wilson
     Xulon Press - August 2003
    Format: (P)

    Ushering in Today's Churches was written to assist usher ministries to serve God in an effective and excellent manner, and was written for any churh that desires to take their usher ministries to the next level.

    ISBN: 1591608937

    Joy of Ushers and Hospitality Ministers

    Joy of Ushers and Hospitality Ministers: 

    Making a Place for Others

    by  Gretchen Hailer

    ISBN: 1878718606
      Catholic Book Publishing Company - June 2000
    Format: (P)


    ISBN: 1878718606
    Serving as a Church Usher

    Serving as a Church Usher

    by Leslie Parrott Chuck Lawless Randall D. Engle

    Written by experienced pastors and church workers, these easy-to-read, to-the-point booklets address the fundamentals of different ministries as practiced effectively in real life. You’ll find biblical insight and wise, field-tested advice you can apply today, as well as discussion questions to help you think through and integrate what you read.
    • Individual use
    • Group training Includes usher’s checklist and resources for the offering Your importance as an usher can’t be overstated. Your impact is enormous both in meeting the needs of people and in keeping the church service running smoothly. Serving as a Church Usher sheds light on
    • The Ministry of Ushers
    • The Functions of an Usher
    • An Usher’s Standard of Excellence
    • The Authority and Responsibility of Ushers
    • Ushers as Greeters Zondervan Practical Ministry Guides provide you with simple, practical insights for serving in today’s churches. 


    ISBN: 0310247632
    Ushering With A Mission 

    Ushering With A Mission 

    by Victor L. Davis 

    This is a Training Manual for the Great Commission Usher to be used in the ongoing task of disciplining believers. It is the first comprehensive guide that is specifically addressed to the needs of one of the most neglected groups in many of our churches today, the Usher. If you have been in search of a resource that will aid you in addressing the spiritual needs of Ushers, then continue reading. Ushering With a Mission emphasizes the importance of disciplining the individual usher. Ushering is viewed as a ministry rather than a committee or board activity. We approach the Ministry of Ushering as from a Christ centered, biblical perspective. Ushering is not something we simply do because it's our Sunday to usher, it is a lifestyle resulting from the overflow of the Spirit-filed life. 

      Orman Press - 28 July, 2004
    Format: (P)


    ISBN: 1891773445
    Welcome to Our Church

    Welcome to Our Church: A Handbook For Greeters And Ushers 

    by Annette Schroeder 
    Concordia Publishing House - January, 1997
    Format: (P)

    Some solid biblical foundations for the roles of ushers and greeters in the church.

    ISBN: 0570035600

    The Usher's Book

    The Usher's Book: 

    Creating a Welcoming and Safe Environment for Worship 

    by John P. Gilbert 
    ISBN: 0687038626 
    Abingdon Press - August 2005
    Format: (P)

    A concise guide to the tasks and responsibility of the church usher intended to be used by church staff or volunteers to train new ushers and to help experienced ushers learn new ways to create a welcome atmosphere for those visiting your church.

    ISBN: 0687038626



    Usher Handbook 

    Usher Handbook 

    by Ralph R. Van Loon Ralph R. Loon

    This resource offers guidance to those responsible for the ministry of welcome within congregations, stressing ushering as ministry.  
    Augsburg Fortress
    Published: - February 1990
    Format: (P)


    ISBN: 0806624841 (P)


    Guide for the Church Usher 

    Guide for the Church Usher 

    by James L. Blevins Thomas L. Clark 
    ISBN: 0805435174 
      Broadman & Holman Publishers - March 2002
    Format: (P)

    It teaches well the four specific responsibilities of ushers: greet, meet, seat, and help church members and visitors on various church occasions. Moreover, the book was written concisely and clearly making it pleasant to read.
    ISBN:  0805435174  (P)


    Guide_for_ushers_auxillary.jpg (586436 bytes)

    Guide for the Ushers' Auxiliary 2009

    This guide offers instructional guidance in the purpose and responsibility of the usher. It explains the duties of the president, vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and treasurer. It presents a suggested program to follow at each meeting and parliamentary procedures on how to conduct meetings. Because church ushers are a vital part of the ministry of the church, this guide also offers the necessary spiritual guidance in the ministry of church ushers. The guide includes a daily Bible study on various books of the Bible and monthly lessons
    ISBN: 1589422848 (P)


    Wilson's Usher Guide

    Written by: Compiled by Mrs. Gertrude Reed and Miss S. B. Wilson

    The way to lift ushering into its proper place as a means of Christian service and training for both men and women.

    ISBN: 9781589423442 (P)


    Ushers and greeters: A worship handbook

    Ushers and greeters: A worship handbook (Worship handbook series) 

    By: Gerald Spice 
    ISBN-10: 0806642971 ISBN-13: 9780806642970 
      Augsburg Fortress - 2002
    (P) | 20 Pages 

    A welcoming and helpful atmosphere provides a fruitful environment for everyone gathered for worship. Ushers and greeters serve to present the "face" of the congregation and set the tone for both newcomers and regular worshipers. Author Gerald Spice presents helpful tips on recruiting, training, coordinating, and making the most of your usher and greeter team. Practical advice is mixed with background, theology and wide-ranging experience in this useful volume.

    9780806642970  (P)