Ushers, God's front line Commanders

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Ushers, God's front line Commanders

Ushers, God's front line Commanders 
Ushers, God's front line Commanders
By: Josef Howard
ISBN: 141840876X ISBN-13: 9781418408763
Publisher: AuthorHouse (2004-05-07)
Paperback | 196 Pages | List Price: $14.95
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.44 inches
This book is a masterpiece on ushers as God''s frontline commanders. It deals with the change in God''s battle plans in conquering the hearts of man and how he has strategically positioned the ushers as a force to be reckoned with by the enemy who tries to infiltrate the church with the aim of causing harm to the work and people of God. This work depicts the spiritual struggle that takes place whenever the saints of God gather and how the ushers are caught in the middle of this battle. It establishes who should serve as ushers, their secret weapons, and their general responsibilities in the local church. In addition, it deals with other issues such as: ushers and etiquette, ushers taboos, what ushers need to know about the local church, ushers relationship with the pastor(s), different kinds of emergencies that occur in the local church and how to handle them, the role of the head usher, usher''''s rewards, visitor''s expectations, tips for ushering, ushering as a spiritual gift, and many more. In other words, this book scrutinizes the ministry of ushering from an interdenominational and biblical perspective in a way that has never been done in Christendom.








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