Books on Marriage
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Religious books for the Godly people. A variety of books of various types, to help the minister,

laymen, student or scholar. We also have a good selection of books for the casual reader.

Books on marriage



Smart Love: A Field Guide for Single Adults      
Nancy Van Pelt  
Price: $12.99 
Paperback Book    
286 pages  
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 0800756223 
A Field Guide for Single Adults to stop working harder and start living smarter
to achieve lasting love. Smart Love helps you: Assess more accurately the 
potential of relationships.  Avoid relationships with emotionally unhealthy 
persons Improve your romantic self-esteem love relationships, youll experience 
the rewards of smart love!  And to have a satisfying, nourishing relationship.

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The Total Marriage: A Guide to Successful Marriage 
Jeffrey & Pattiejean Brown 
Price: $14.99 
Hardcover Book 
Copyright: 1999 
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 1873796757

Beyond Contention and Contract to Contentment and Commitment.
Hollywood has managed to make unfaithfulness and marriage break-up titillating. Jeffrey and Pattijean Brown stress that marriage is not about finding the right person, but about being the right person. How can conflicts within marriage be resolved? Is there life beyond children?

Dr. and Mrs. Brown cut through the Hollywood tinsel to the experience of The Total Marriage €looking, liking, learning, living, and loving.
0812704274.jpg (13881 bytes) Ten Ways to Improve Your Marriage 
Victor Parachin 
Price: $0.49 
Paperback Book 
16 pages 
Copyright: 2002 
Wilks Publications, dist by Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 0812704274 

Making time for each other, honoring one another, and displaying gratitude toward your mate are just a few of the ten suggestions for improving your marriage. Also includes helpful Scripture passages. A Key to Happiness Triumph FULL Living Resource. 
The Intimate Marriage: Connecting With the One You Love
Alberta Mazat 
Price: $8.99
Paperback Book 
140 pages 
Copyright: 2001 
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 0828014469 

In response to feedback from her marriage and family seminars, Alberta Mazat prepared this practical guide to the secrets of marital intimacy. Intended for husbands and wives to read and discuss together, the book surveys the ingredients of intimacy--physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. 

0828005370.jpg (8111 bytes) Making Marriage Work 
H.M.S. Richards, Jr. 
Price: $0.99
Paperback Booklet 
32 pages 
Copyright: 1981 
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 0828005370 

The author describes major changes in marriage and family life in America and offers concrete suggestions for making marriage work. 
Maximum Marriage: 28 Couples Share Their Secrets for Happiness 
Peggy and Roger Dudley 
Price: $12.99 
Paperback Book 
160 pages 
Copyright: 2003 
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 0828017581

This collection of insights from 28 happily married couples will help you grow past your problems and teach you how to work through your differences in positive and constructive ways.

082800515X.jpg (7833 bytes) Considering Divorce? 
Charlotte J. Oliphant 

Price: $0.99 

Paperback Booklet 31 pages 
Copyright: 1975 
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 082800515X 

Common sense advice for troubled marriages. 
Understanding Sexual Abuse
Price: $1.49
Paperback Booklet 
48 pages
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 0828009163

A team of professionals address the issue of sexual abuse, providing insight and help.

The Adventist Home
Ellen G. White 
Price: $14.99 
Blue hardcover Book 
584 pages 
Copyright: 1952 
Review & Herald Publishing 
ISBN: 0828015937 

This compilation contains practical counsel for Christian families, including guidance on where to locate the home and how to make it pleasant, and counsel on how to get along with other family members.