A Knock at Midnight
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A Knock at Midnight

Author: Martin Luther King Jr. Peter Holloran Clayborne Carson
Publisher: Warner Books - 01 April, 1998
Format: Hardcover

Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

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"Before I was a civil rights leader, I was a preacher of the gospel. This was my first calling and it still remains my greatest commitment." -Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Knock At Midnight

With fiery words of hope, wisdom, and a passion for justice that resonate as much today as they did years ago, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., stirred the deepest convictions of listeners everywhere, inspiring them to extraordinary acts of courage and perseverance that ignited one of the most influential movements of the twentieth century.

A Knock At Midnight is the definitive collection of eleven of Dr. King's most powerful and spiritual sermons, moving and meaningful words to live by for everyone. Compiled by Stanford historian Dr. Clayborne Carson, director of the King Papers Project, and by contributing editor Peter Holloran, this volume covers the full range of Dr. King's preaching career, from the earliest known audio recording of King preaching to his last sermon, delivered just days before his assassination.

Especially featured are the title sermon, among Dr. King's favorite and most challenging, and seven sermons never before seen in print.

A Knock At Midnight also includes eleven important introductions by renowned ministers and theologians of our time: Reverend Billy Graham, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Bishop T. D. Jakes, among others. Here they share their personal reflections on the sermons and firsthand accounts of the events surrounding their delivery.

With humor, insight, and a fierce and unstoppable desire for equality, as well as deeply felt compassion, A Knock At Midnight is Dr. King's voice today. It stands as one of his enduring legacies...and a resounding call to the soul. It not only reveals words that shaped our history, but lives and breathes with an urgency and relevance that inspires the greatness in us all.

From introductions by the world's Religious leaders.

"We must draw strength from the deep reservoir of Dr. King's wisdom. It is midnight, but dawn is coming. There is a 'Knock at Midnight' in every age, every decade. We can and must respond." -Reverend Otis Moss

"The vision, the dream of Dr. King was for eternity....We honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by responding to the words of this preacher: avoiding the foolish, lifting our eyes, as he challenges us to do."
-Reverend Billy Graham

"It is almost as if he were preaching this sermon for us today, for it is as apt today as it ever was nearly thirty years ago. Spiritual truth...is always relevant."
-Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"It is good for us, at this moment, to hear the melodious voice of a man who had the propensity to reach beyond his days and impact generations. As we reflect upon his memory, we cannot resist the temptation to measure how far we have come and thereby see how far we have to go."
-Bishop T. D. Jakes

"I am convinced that Martin's faith in the precious, embracing, amazing love of God was rewarded....Several years after his death I saw my friend in a dream. 'It's all right, Vincent. It is well with my soul.' Somehow that message seemed large enough for me, for all of us, forever."
-Dr. Vincent Harding

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