Gospel Pearls


"Gospel Pearls" contain more than half an hundred familiar hymns and tunes that cling so closely to the heart, that try as you may, you cannot get away from the; then comes a collection of the Standard old songs, gathered with great care and especially adapted for soul-winning, as well as the very latest and popular works of the very of the very best composers of sacred song, and a collection of jubilee songs known as spirituals--the rarest and prime favorites--the results of  long hours of research and hard work, collecting and making popular throughout the land.

(Index to the Songs in the Gospel Pearls) The songs of the Gospel Pearls may be used in every phase of public worship and will proven again and again to be of untold value in revivals and evangelistic services. They are tried and true. 

It is a tribute to Christ we bring and it is our fondest hope that "Gospel Pearls" may enjoy the widest possible circulation and use, inspire the believer, convict the sinner, and cheer many a weary traveler.

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