Forever Stories Set

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Forever Stories Set

Forever Stories Set 
Carolyn Byers 

Hardcover Book 
Copyright: 1990 
Review & Herald Publishing 

This set of five books, written especially for preschool listeners and early elementary readers, describes the plan of salvation from the fall of Lucifer to the end of the millennium. Includes breathtaking all-new full-color art specially commissioned for this series. All biblical scenes are archaeologically accurate.

Forever Stories Coloring Books also available.

Volume 1: God Makes Our World

In "The Shiniest Angel" children discover how Lucifer, Gods special helper, becomes Satan the enemy and brings sin and sadness into the universe. 
"A New World" brings them the splendor and color of Creation! 
Next they visit "Gods Park" to attend a special wedding and tour Adam and Eves Eden home. 
In "Two Trees" children learn about an important Adam and Eve must make.
Volume 2: God Makes a Promise

"Gods Plan." God has just promised to send His Son to live on earth and save people from sin and Satan! 
In "The First Baby" they meet Cain, Abel, and Seth, and learn the meaning behind sacrificing a lamb. 
"One Little Star." God promises one of Abraham and Sarahs descendants will be the promised Saviour! 
In "The Offering" children wait breathlessly as Abraham makes the hardest decision of his life.
Volume 3: Getting Ready for Jesus

"Red Doorposts" is the thrilling story of how God helps Pharaoh change his mind and set the slaves free. 
In "The Day Nobody Could Forget" children join in the miraculous escape from Egypt and learn about Gods 10 rules for a happy life. 
In "Neighbors" God asks his people to build a tent-church. 
"Desert Boy," John, who wears strange clothes and tells people to get ready for Gods promised Son.
Volume 4: Jesus Lives With Us

Children find Jesus "In the Temple" and learn about His childhood. 
"Gods Son" tells the story of Jesus baptism and temptations. 
Children spend "One Day With Jesus" as He heals the sick, raises the dead, and tells everyone about His special plan to forgive their sins and take them home. 
In "Thirty Silver Coins" children see the real character of Satan as he uses people to murder Jesus.
Volume 5: Jesus Takes Us Home

Its Sunday morning and Jesus is "Alive." 
In "A Beautiful Gate" they meet Peter and John and see a miracle. 
They will be delighted with the description of "Gods City." 
"He Is Good," explains what happens to Planet Earth, sin, Satan, and all the people who hate God.. It invites children to spend eternity with Jesus and enjoy His friendship forever.