Tiny Tots Library - 3 Vol. Set

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Tiny Tots Library

Tiny Tots Library - 3 Vol. Set
Charles L. Paddock 

Hardcover Book Copyright: 2001 
Pacific Press Publishing Association ISBN: 187601041X 

A Classic set of childrens books are back!

If you grew up with the Tiny Tots Library by Charles L. Paddock, then you remember learning your Bible ABCs, reading adventures of Boys and Girls of the Bible, and imagining what it was like in the beginning with Bible Firsts. These colorful, hard-cover classics have captivated generations of children with the artwork of Joe Maniscalco, Robert T. Ayres, and Clyde Provonsha. 

Teach your "tiny tots" about "The First Flood" (Bible Firsts), "The Boy and The Giant" (Boys and Girls of the Bible), that "R is for Rebekah" (Bible ABCs), and much more in this wonderful, early-reader set of books that they will surely love as much as you did when you were a tot.