Jesus Said Bible Storybook

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Jesus Said Bible Storybook

Jesus Said Bible Storybook

By: Carolyn Larsen

Format: Hardcover
Trim Size: 6.50 x 7.60 x 1 
Page Count: 304
Retail Price: $14.99 
ISBN: 1400302366
ISBN-13: 9781400302369
Publisher: Thomas Nelson - 2003-11-20
Format: Hardcover
List price: USD 14.99

This unique Bible storybook encourages children to know the Bible as one glorious book of God's divine plan, not as isolated historical events.

The words and teachings of Jesus are woven into each Old and New Testament Bible story. From Moses and Daniel to Joseph and Mary, the Jesus Said Bible Storybook presents Bible heroes not just as isolated character stories, but as practical lessons that illustrate the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Each of the approximately 60 Bible stories will include the following elements:

  • Title-the title of the Bible story
  • Reference-The reference where the bible story is found
  • Words of Jesus-Printed in red, the words of jesus being used to form the application
  • Bible Story-Each story will be between 4 and 8 pages in length.
  • Understanding the Words in Re-An application at the end of each story that illustrates the words of Jesus and the story.

Examples of story and Jesus' words:

  • Moses and the Burning Bush..."Blessed are those who realize their need for Him." -Matthew 5:3
  • Abigail Makes Peace..."Blessed are those who work for peace." -Matthew 5:9
  • Daniel in the Lions' Den..."Don't be afraid of those who would kill you."-Matthew 10:28
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