Snapshots of Heaven

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Snapshots of Heaven

Item #: 9780973796513
UPC: 770952100324
Vendor Name: NewLife Book
Released: Jul 16, 2007
Group: Gift
Format: Board Game


Heres a great way to bring the entire family together. Its fun, entertaining and rewarding. This beautifully packaged gift set includes the popular Snapshots of Heaven book to inspire everyone,
a single use camera with Power Flash to fully capture special moments on film, and a deluxe photo album to preserve those heavenly moments for a lifetime.

Too often we miss those special moments and fail to recognize them for what they really are: glimpses of heaven before our time. Thats the premise behind Snapshots of Heaven, a remarkable and heartwarming collection of real-life stories about children.

Youll laugh and youll cry as the author uncovers 40 funny, profound, real-life stories about children just like yours. From shenanigans with shaving cream to a simulated Super Bowl in the back yard, each story springs from author Michael Wells` daily
encounters with his own kids. Unscripted and unexpected, these â ‚¬Å“snapshotsâ ‚¬  are familiar to all of us. In addition to these uplifting stories, at the end of each of the three sections, readers will find
a place to put a special photograph and corresponding memory.

This is sure to be a sought after gift for every family.

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