Inklings (2-6 Players)

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Gm-Inklings (2-6 Players) 
Board Game

Inklings (2-6 Players) 
Status: Active 
Author: Ages 8 & Up 
Publisher: Cactus Game Design 

Board game for 2 to 6 players, or up to 24 players in teams. Ages 8 and up

The Inklings Board Game is an exciting and unique question and answer game that requires strategy to win! Just flip the spinner and watch the fun begin! If you spin a 1 or 4 you may try to answer the question or sell the question to an opponent. Spin a 2 or 5 and draw a card that gives you special benefits! Spin a 3 and go head-to-head with one of your opponents in answering the question. Spin a 6 and get in a bidding war with one of your opponents to see who gets asked the question first! 

The game contains more than 280 questions. Some sample questions are "Who am I" and What am I"? Each question has six clues. The more clues you ask for, the easier the clues get, with the last question being multiple choice. But remember, the more clues you ask for, the less points you can win. The first player or team to 55 points wins the game! 

(Inklings can be played with individuals, or in groups! Inklings is great to play with friends, family, and church groups with up to 24 players in teams!) 
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