Redemption-Kings Booster Pack (2 Players)

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Redemption-Kings Booster Pack  
(2 Players)  Card Game

Redemption-Kings Booster Pack (10 Cards/2 Plyr) 
Author: Ages 7 & Up 
"Recommended for Advanced Players".
Publisher: Cactus Game Design 

Here is your opportunity to get The Kings. The latest expansion set to the Redemption Collectible Card Game. This new expansion set is now available. There are 10 cards in each booster pack broken down into 5 common cards, 4 uncommon and 1 rare or ultra-rare card in each of The Kings booster packs. One thing I can tell you about Redemption: The Kings add two new card types added to the game. Completely new capabilities to the game. They are Warrior Class Characters and Weapon Class Enhancements that a Warrior can keep until discarded. Yet another great thing about a CCG. Please note that The Kings have a label that says 

188905528X Boxed $3.00