Names, Games, and the Long Road Trip

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Names, Games, and the Long Road Trip

Names, Games, and the Long Road Trip
Volume 1

Series: Z Graphic Novels / Manga Bible Volume: 1

By: Young Shin Lee 
Illustrated by: Jung Sun Hwang
Format: Soft Cover | Ebook, ePub | Show All
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Book & Bible Cover Size: Thinline
Page Count: 160
Size: 5 wide x 7.2 high x 0.5 deep in. | 127 wide x 183 high x deep 12 mm
Weight: 0.32 lb | 145 gms

Available: August 2007
Publisher: Zondervan

List Price: $6.99 
The events of creation, the flood, and the Exodus all come alive for kids as book one of the Manga Bible presents the characters and stories of Genesis and Exodus in this series written by Young Shin Lee and illustrated by Jung Sun Hwang.

All of Gods Creatures Are Talking in Bubbles! See the creation of the earth and the parting of the sea like youve never seen them before. With cool artwork and loads of humor, Names, Games, and the Long Road Trip gives the first two books of the Bible a totally different look. Its manga style, where pictures tell the storyâ ‚¬ €and the action moves fast. Everyoneâ ‚¬ €including Adam, Eve, Noah, and Mosesâ ‚¬ €talks and thinks in word bubbles. Who knew discovering the important truths in Genesis and Exodus could be so exciting and fun?