Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion

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Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion

Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion
Volume 2

Series: Z Graphic Novels / Manga Bible Volume: 2
By: Young Shin Lee 
Illustrated by: Jung Sun Hwang
Format: Soft Cover | Ebook, ePub | Show All
Book & Bible Cover Size: Thinline
Page Count: 160
Size: 5 wide x 7.1 high x 0.4 deep in. | 127 wide x 180 high x deep 10 mm
Weight: 0.335 lb | 151 gms
ISBN: 9780310712886
Available: August 2007
Publisher: Zondervan
List Price: $6.99 (USD) 

Product Details for Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion

Book two in the Manga Bible completes the story of the Israelites exodus from Egypt and entry into the Promised Land. The fun retelling written by Young Shin Lee and illustrated by Jung Sun Hwang will send kids to their NIVs wondering, â ‚¬Å“Is that really in the Bible?â ‚¬ 

God is Splitting the Ground Openâ ‚¬ €with a Ka-Boooom! Youve never watched the earth open up like this or heard the wall of Jericho fall so loudly. From Numbers to Ruth, Walls, Brawls, and the Great Rebellion gives a whole new look to Old Testament books. Its manga style, where cool artwork, lots of humor, and awesome sound effects keep the action moving, and everyone talks in word bubbles. Has learning important truths from the Bible ever been more exciting and fun?