Fights, Flights and the Chosen Ones

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Fights, Flights and the Chosen Ones

Fights, Flights and the Chosen Ones
First-Second Samuel
Volume 3

Series: Z Graphic Novels / Manga Bible Volume: 3

By: Young Shin Lee 
Illustrated by: Jung Sun Hwang
General Editor: Brett Burner, J.S. Earls
Format: Soft Cover 
List Price: $6.99 (USD) 
ISBN: 9780310712893
Book & Bible Cover Size: Thinline
Page Count: 160
Size: 5 wide x 7.1 high x 0.5 deep in. | 127 wide x 180 high x deep 12 mm
Weight: 0.335 lb | 151 gms
Available: February 2008
Publisher: Zondervan

Product Details for Fights, Flights and the Chosen Ones

Book Three focuses on the lives of Samuel, Saul, and David as depicted in 1 and 2 Samuel. It begins with the birth of Samuel, the last judge of Israel, who was called by God as a youth. As he grows older, the people call upon him to find a king for Israel, and the Lord directs him to Saul, whom he anoints as king. As Saul disobeys the Lord, Samuel is redirected to anoint a young David to be the new King of Israel. David serves the lord faithfully, though his reign over Israel is not without trouble or circumstance, as he must deal with enemies both outside and insides his borders â ‚¬ ¦ not to mention his greatest battleâ ‚¬ €himself.

One stone takes down the giantâ ‚¬ ¦and now the fighting really begins! You would think King Saul should thank David for removing Israel biggest enemy. Instead, Saul puts this popular young warrior on the run. But even after David takes the throne, his own kids plunge the country into civil war. Fights, Flights, and the Chosen Ones carries readers through the heroic and tragic battles of Israel civil wars, as God exalts and topples leaders in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel.