Prophets, Captives, and the Kingdom Rebuilt

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Prophets, Captives, and the Kingdom Rebuilt

Prophets, Captives, and the Kingdom Rebuilt
Jonah- Esther-Ezekiel-Daniel-Job-Ezra/Nehemiah-Psalms
Volume 5

Series: Z Graphic Novels / Manga Bible Volume: 5

By: Young Shin Lee 
Illustrated by: Jung Sun Hwang
General Editor: Brett Burner, J.S. Earls
Format: Soft Cover
Book & Bible Cover Size: Thinline
Page Count: 192
Paper Edge Description: Plain
Size: 5 wide x 7.1 high x 0.6 deep in. | 127 wide x 180 high x deep 15 mm
Weight: 0.385 lb | 174 gms
Available: August 2008
Publisher: Zondervan

List Price: $6.99  

Whats going on here! The people that the Lord rescued from slavery in Egypt are now worshiping fake gods and sacrificing their children to idols! But God doesnt give up on Israel and Judah right away.

He sends strange men called prophets, who see visions and get swallowed by fish as they warn of Gods growing anger. And every once in a while, you meet a good king like Josiah, who calls the people back to the right way. Find out if kings and prophets can keep Israelâ ‚¬ €and later, Judahâ ‚¬ €from getting clobbered.