Parables, Miracles, and the Prince of Peace

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Parables, Miracles, and the Prince of Peace

Parables, Miracles, and the Prince of Peace
The Gospel, Part 1
Volume 6

Series: Z Graphic Novels / Manga Bible Volume: 6

By: Young Shin Lee 
Illustrated by: Jung Sun Hwang
General Editor: Brett Burner, J.S. Earls
Book & Bible Cover Size: Thinline
Page Count: 192
Paper Edge Description: Plain
Size: 5 wide x 7.1 high x 0.5 deep in. | 127 wide x 180 high x deep 12 mm
Weight: 0.31 lb | 140 gms

Publisher: Zondervan
Format: Soft Cover

List Price: $6.99 

Product Details for Parables, Miracles, and the Prince of Peace

In the sixth volume of the Manga Bible, we begin to cover the New Testament with the story of Jesus. Readers follow the life of Jesus from the announcement of his coming by the angel Gabriel, to his baptism, the calling of his apostles, and through a large part of his earthly ministry.

The Bible is larger than life, and kids will love reading its stories told through the graphic storytelling of Korean manga. Readers will enjoy learning the Bible characters and landscapes portrayed through this cutting-edge style of art now popular around the world.

God rescue finally arrives â ‚¬ ¦ as a baby?!?

Israel thought the long-awaited Messiah would throw the Romans out of the land through military strength. But the story of God Son unfolds with surprises, as Jesus performs miracles, gathers followers, and teaches the truth about God kingdomâ ‚¬ €œall in manga style!