The Wonderful World God Made?

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The Wonderful World God Made?

The Wonderful World God Made 
P.J. Lyons 

Dimensions: 10.50|"> x 9.5 inches
Format: Hardcover
Length: 32 pages


Brilliant illustrations. Captivating rhyme. Timeless story. Patterned after the popular children's poem "The House that Jack Built," The Wonderful World God Made builds on itself presenting the creation in a fun, creative style. It begins with: "Here is the Earth, that big blue ball And the heavens above us all That God made in the beginning." Each page shows God adding to the big blue ball and ends with the wonderfully repetitive phrase "That God made in the beginning."

  • Repetition is not only a favorite among kids, it is a key to helping beginning readers
  • The rhythm and rhyme flow easily for entertaining reading
  • Illustration style is unique, appealing, and bright






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