Lord's Supper Table Covers
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Communion Element Cover 







Lord's Supper Element Cover 

Lord's Supper Element Cover  that are perfect for Communion Sunday or other religious occasions. The idea of using Lord's Supper Element Cover  is inspired by the idea that  the table was covered at the Last Supper. Our table covers are made of  imported 100% white Irish linen. Hem is mitered at all corners. Size: 49" x 72." 

Recommended care for 100% white Irish linen: Wash in warm water, delicate cycle, mild detergent. Tumble dry, low heat, gentle cycle. Remove from dryer promptly. If you iron do so while the Lord's Supper Element Cover are damp, and always stretch the damp article to its natural size and shape before ironing. By using a hot iron, any creases and crumples will disappear instantly. and the covers will regain their beautiful crisp, smooth appearance. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND COMMERCIAL LAUNDRIES. of course the washing instructions will be included. 






Imported Irish Linen 49" x 72."


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