Communion Accessories, Communion Bread-Wine-Table Linen and Portable Communion Ware.


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Communion ware with classic and simple design

Plastic Communion Cups

Brass Tray and Disc

Brass Stacking Bread Plate Base

Bread Plate Cover

Plastic Communion Cups - Boxed

Brass Bread Plate Cover 

Bread Plate Napkin or Communion Element Cloth a Pure Linen Napkin

Communion Cup Filler/ Button Filler

Boxes Contains units that are Ready-to-Use

Communion Bread and Communion Wafers

Communion Cup Filler/ Button Filler

Celebration Cup Individual communion wafer and juice sets 

Communion Table Covers Beautiful Embroidery

The Deluxe Portable Communion Set

Portable Communion Set

Lord's Supper Table Covers

In Remembrance of Me Communion Table Cover

The Deluxe Portable Communion Set

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Lord's Supper Element Cover 

Communion Wafer and Juice Sets

Lavabo Towel

Bread Holder Portable Communion Replacement

Portable Communion Kit Pre-filled Communion Cups

Individual Communion Wafer and Juice Sets That are Ready-to-Use

Lavabo Towel

Pre-filled Communion Cups