Plastic Communion Cups 1000

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Plastic Communion Cups

Plastic Communion Cups - Boxed

Box of 100 Communion Cups 

Now available: a convenient 100 count box of disposable communion cups! The same quality cup as our box of 1,000, but in a smaller package for smaller churches or wedding parties. Economical, disposable communion cups that fit standard trays. The clarity of real glass with no breakage.

Box of 1000 Communion Cups

Economical, disposable communion cups fit standard trays. Clarity of real glass with no breakage. Similar in style to regular crystal glasses. 1 3/8" high.

0805402594 Disposable Cups Boxed 100 $4.99
0805471219 Disposable Cups Boxed 1000 $21.50