Remembrance Ware Offer Plate

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Remembrance Ware Offer Plate

ISBN13: 9780805485639
UPC: 000000893272
ISBN: 0805485635
Vendor Name: Broadman Holman Church Supplies
Release Date: January 30, 2007

Category: Church Supplies
Sub Category: Offering Plates
Language: English

Price $64.99

Ideal for large churches or small for chapels, camps, retreats and children's services. RemembranceWare offering plates is available in three distinct colors, Silver, Brass, and Bronze.

RemembranceWare Traditional, silver-colored stainless steel Offering Plate is made of the same high-end, food grade stainless steel as are all RemembranceWare pieces. It achieves it’s beautiful silver shine through a polishing process. This Offering Plate features a dark red felt pad on the inside bottom to soften noise during offering collection. It has a curved rim for easier passing. The Offering Plate is standard size (2 2/4" high and has a diameter of 12"). The felt pad has a 5 1/2" diameter. Edges are double rounded to ensure a smooth and safe feel to this piece. RemembranceWare pieces are easily cleaned with mild soap and water and a soft cloth. This piece carries a 5-Year Guarantee and is beautifully boxed.