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Burmese Bible; 
the Judson Version of the Bible in Burmese

Burmese Bible-Judson Version Bible-Burmese Language

Burmese Bible
ISBN: 9623273509 ISBN-13: 9789623273503
Publisher: American Bible Society (2003-09)
Leather Bound | List Price: $27.49 (USD)
Product Dimensions: 5.84 x 4.22 x 1.17 inches
Burmese Bible (14235 bytes)

The Bible in Burmese can be an asset for any one who thinks in Burmese. Especially if they are reading the Bible in English and English is a new second language. Many of the words in their English Bible are unfamiliar; therefore the message is not clear and hard to understand. As a result many of the benefits of the study time may be lost.

What is needed is a Burmese Bible to enrich the Bible study experience. The Burmese Bible is a good idea for everyone one who thinks in Burmese. After all, the native tongue is more natural. Perhaps the Gospel will be more perfectly understood if it could be read in the Burmese language.

Natural advantages of reading the Bible in Burmese:

Burmese can enrich both cultural and religious experience with a Burmese Bible.
Gain a greater understanding while reading the Burmese bible
Perpetuate the use of Burmese by studying the Burmese bible.
Enjoy the meaningful expressions and idioms found only in the Burmese Bible, which is the core of being more vibrant in the Burmese language.
When reading the Burmese Bible, Gods speaking is clearer as He speaks Burmese.




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