Polish New Testament
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Polish New Testament

Polish New Testament with Psalms - Ecumenical Translation

Polish (Mod) NT & Pss.

ISBN-10: 8385260277    ISBN-13: 9788385260271
Publisher: Amer Bible Society - 2001-05-01
Format: Hardcover

Polish New Testament with Psalms - Ecumenical Translation 

Polish (język polski, polszczyzna), an official language of Poland, has the largest number of speakers of any West Slavic language and, as for all the Slavic languages, its popularity is second only to Russian.  Polish-speakers use the language in a uniform manner through most of Poland, and it has a Latin-based orthography. The language developed indigenously and retains many ancient Slavic features of pronunciation and grammar. Although non-Polish administrations in Poland sometimes attempted, historically, to suppress the Polish language, a rich literature has nonetheless developed over the centuries, and many works by Polish authors are available in translations in English and other languages.





9788385260271 Hardcover $35.99