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Romanian Bible 
Romanian Translation of the Bible, Comilescu Revised Version

Romanian Bible 

Romania Bible: Cornilescu Revised Version

ISBN-10: 0900185961    ISBN-13: 9780900185960
Publishers: United Bible Societies - April 2001
Format: Hardcover

The Romanian Bible is an asset for any one who thinks in Romanian. Especially if they are reading the Bible in another language that is new, and many of the words in their new language are unfamiliar; therefore, the message is not clear and hard to understand. As a result, many of the benefits of the study time may be lost.

A Romanian Bible will enrich their Bible study experience. The Romanian Bible is a good idea for everyone one who thinks in Romanian. After all, the native tongue is more natural. The Gospels more perfectly understood when God speaks to them through their native tongue.
 When reading the Romanian Bible, Gods speaking is clearer as He speaks Romanian. Enjoy the meaningful expressions and idioms found only in the Romanian Bible, which is the core of being more vibrant in the Romanian language.

 Features and Benefits of this Bible: 


 Section headings to help you quickly identify 


 End of the Verse cross references 


It is the complete Bible with Both Old and New Testaments 


 Page Size is 4-3/4 x 7-3/4 


 It has a white nylon Finger, to hold your place while you close your Bible or view another section of the Bible during Bible study.








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