Russian Bible in Large Print the Holy Synod Version

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Russian Bible

Russian Language Bible Holy Synod Version 
Large Print Bible in Russian

Russian Bible Holy Synod Version

ISBN-10: 5855240703    ISBN-13: 9785855240702
Publisher: American Bible Society - 2002-11
Format: Hardcover

A Russian Bible will enrich the Russians Bible study experience. Russian Bibles is a great idea for all Russians; after all, it is their native tongue. The Gospels are more perfectly understood when God speaks to them in Russian. When reading the Bible in Russian, they get a better understanding. Enjoy the meaningful expressions and idioms found only in the Russian Bible, which makes it more vibrant for Russian people.

Everyone born or raised in Russia and thinks and speaks Russian should have a Russian Bible. Especially if they are struggling to understand the Bible in a language that is new, and many of the words in that new language is unfamiliar. That makes the message if the Bible unclear and hard for them to understand. As a result, many of the benefits of their study time will be lost.

Features and Benefits of the Russian Bible:

  • Holy Synod Version

  • Large Print

  • Center Column Reference

  • Bible Maps

  • Size 7 x 9 3/4 in.

  • Pages: OT 925 NT 292


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