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Balacron Imitation leather.

Berkshire Leather - Selected, top-quality pigskin, it is especially tanned to enhance its appearance and durability

Bonded Leather - Cover material made of genuine leather fibers bonded with latex.

Buffalo Calfskin - This leather from the Asian water buffalo is long lasting and supple.

Calfskin - A supple, durable leather made from the skin of a calf chevo - A pyroxylin coated end-sheet material selected for its beauty and durability Cloth - Standard book binding material, starch filled or pyroxylin coated, selected for strength and durability.

Cowhide - A very strong, long wearing leather made from the hide of a cow Durable Soft Cover A flexible, acrylic impregnated and coated material that combines strength and durability.

East India Calf - Young Asian water buffalo, finished with a highly polished grain surface. Long wearing and luxurious in appearance.   Flexible Denim Finish - A simulated denim with pliable backing which results in a soft denim appearance.

French Morocco Leather made from sheepskin. Of good appearance, this leather may crack and dry out after a few years. French Morocco is sometimes known as 'real' or genuine' leather.