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How to use the shopping cart

How do I put items in my Shopping Cart?
To add the quantity of items to be purchased to your Shopping Cart and select shipping method, then
click on the large "Add" button at the bottom of the page.

How do I make changes to my Shopping Cart?
To change the quantity of an item or remove it from your Shopping Cart, click on "remove item " at the right of the item you wish to remove as you "view cart page". You will see all the items in your cart. After you modify the quantity or remove an item. This button will automatically update your Shopping Cart to reflect any changes you made.

Must I buy every item I put in my Shopping Cart?
No. Placing items in your Shopping Cart does not obligate you to buy them. To remove one or more titles from your Shopping Cart, click in the "Remove" box beside the title and then click "Save My Changes".

Completing your order
When you are finished shopping, go to your Shopping Cart. You will see a list of the titles you have selected. You will have the option to change your order quantities, or remove any unwanted titles from your order. To purchase the selected items, click on the "Checkout Now" button.

If you receive an error message, use our Standard Server, which is also safe.
The ordering process continues on to the Order Form page, where you will be asked to verify your billing, shipping, and payment information.

Billing Address
All of the information from your Customer Account must be filled in on the order form. If your billing address needs to be changed, use the order form to make the changes. Your customer account will automatically be updated for your next order.

Important note:

Shipping Address
In this section, you can indicate a shipping address other than your billing address. However we have disabled this option that we may ship to the billing address only.