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Bible accessory:
to easily locate important data use the Bible highlighter and Bible indexing or Bible tabs,
and Bible Cover the Bible accessory that protects your Bible in all weather conditions


How Much Will It Cost to Ship My Order

No charges will be placed on you credit card and no personal information taken while you are checking the cost of shipping.

The best way to determine the shipping is:

  1. Go on-line, act as if you are going to order
  2. Determine what you would like to order and add it to the cart
  3. Click on the icon that says check out
  4. This will bring you to the option to choose a shipping method
  5. Click the button to that says "see rates"
  6. Enter the necessary information and then click on link that says "see rates"
  7. You will then be shown a list of options and the related postal charges 
  8. to complete the ordering process click continue
  9. Select your preferred shipping method and complete you order

Fill in the information required for shipment, name address and other mailing information and the computer will computer the exact shipping costs are determined by the United States Postal Service and is based on the weight and distance.

If you choose not to order simply click cancel at any time.