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Telephone 402-502-0883
Mail: International Bibles, PO Box 11549, Omaha NE 68111

About Us

My name is Daniel Stewart proprietor of International Bibles, and I want to share International Bibles with you. This is a place where you can buy your Bibles, SS quarterlies, church Manuals bulletins, accessories and we are another source of SDA publications and much more.

I opened International Bibles to reach more people in the ministry that God called me to in 1967 spreading the Gospel through the sale of religious books. In my years of independent operation, I have seen the wonderful blessings that inspirational books have brought into the lives of thousands of people throughout the years. These books has been a  gateway of blessings to many, and which anyone can become a part of simply by searching for the right book and reaping the glorious benefits of the words therein.

Iíve seen this ministry grow I began selling door to door, later I opened a small brick and mortar Nebraska based Christian bookstore and now a unique and successful Web based operation that serves people around the world.

Among the new business areas bringing new opportunities now International Bibles has health foods for our walk in customers, and additionally we have accounts with many other publishers and church suppliers around the country. We have built a solid reputation as a competitive, responsive supplier and honest business man.

Today we are certified by the SBA as a 8A minority and veteran owned 8-A small business. We provide sales and service to Federal, State, and Municipal government agencies by contract.

And we still have a friendly smile and courteous service for our walk-in and online customers.

If you have any questions about International Bibles, please donít hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to building mutually profitable and beneficial relationships with all of our customers



e-mail address  Phone 1-402-502-0883