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Biblical Time Chart - An illustrated listing of dates relating events of Bible history to those that occurred simultaneously in our world at large.

Concordance An alphabetical index of principal names, passages, phrases, key words, citing the chapters and verses where they occur or are discussed in the Bible.

Dictionary - An alphabetical arrangement of words from or about the Bible, including definitions, pronunciations, and examples of usage in Scripture.

Dictionary-Concordance A combination Bible dictionary, concordance, and subject index all in one handy alphabetical sequence.

Family Register (or record) - A section of special pages, usually decorated or illuminated, for recording births, deaths, marriages and other important family information.

Gazetteer- An index of place-names that appear in the Bible maps.

Harmony of the Gospels A section listing significant events in the life of Jesus with notes indicating where references to those events are to be found in each of the four Gospels.

Lexicon - A reference book that contains an alphabetical listing of the words in a specific language and their meanings.

Messianic Prophecies - Passages in the Old Testament which, in the concurrent opinion of Christian theologians and scholars, embody prophetic references to Christ. The use of stars to indicate these passages is a feature of several World Bibles.

Presentation Page A decorated page at the front of the Bible for inscribing names of the giver, the recipient, and the date the Bible was given.

References - Cross-reference notes, printed in the center column or elsewhere on each page of the Scriptures, directing the reader to passages elsewhere in the Bible on the same or related subjects.

Self-Pronouncing Text - A Bible text in which the proper names (or those which are more difficult or less familiar) are divided into syllables, accented and marked to indicate correct pronunciation.

Subject Index - An index, usually in alphabetical order, to the major stories and themes of the Bible.  Words of Christ

Black Letter Edition - Bible in which the text is printed entirely in black.

Red Letter Edition - A Bible in which the words of Christ, as spoken in the New Testament, are printed in red