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Bride's Bible Usually a small Bible bound in white and including a decorated wedding certificate, for the bride to carry during the marriage ceremony
Children's Bible - A text Bible with simple Bible study helps, maps, and illustrations.
Chronological Bible A Bible that is organized all or in part in the order in which the events of the Bible took place.
Concordance Bible - Normally a reference Bible with a concordance or alphabetical listing of key words found in every book, chapter, and verse where the words appear in the Bible.
Giant Print Bible Features large, easy-to-read type, especially helpful for the visually impaired, the elderly young children, or others who prefer an extremely readable type.
Gift and award Bible A text Bible designed for purchase in quantity by a church or individual for presentation on promotion day graduation, or similar occasions. Usually includes some study helps and maps.
Interlinear Bible A Bible in which the Hebrew and/or Greek text appears with the actual translated English word either below or to the side of the text.
Loose-Leaf Bible The complete Bible text, usually with center-column references and wide margins, printed on loose leaf sheets of writing quality paper and inserted into a ring binder
Parallel Bible These Bible or Testaments have two or more translations of the scriptures laid out in such a way that the reader can compare any given verse in one translation with the same verse in another translation in a side-by-side format.
Pew Bible An inexpensive hard cover text Bible to place in pew racks for use by church members during the worship service.
Pulpit or Lectern Bible - A large Bible usually without collateral material for use on a lectern, pulpit, altar, or communion table.
Red Letter Bible - A Bible in which the words of Christ are printed in red.
Reference Bible - Contains center-column, in-verse, side-column or page bottom references throughout the text to other passages of Scripture on the same subject. These references were included in the first KJV of 1611.
Self-Pronouncing - Bibles in which difficult names are broken into syllables and accented by diacritical marks in order to help the reader pronounce them properly Some smaller Bibles have a self-pronouncing index, while larger Bibles have difficult names self-pronounced in the text.
Study Text Bible - Prepared for Bible students, usually with a dictionary, concordance, and study helps to facilitate Bible study
Teachers Bible - A Bible containing study aids that are useful to the teacher.
Text Bible A Bible containing the text of the Scriptures without references.
Verse-Reference Bible A Bible with references placed directly within the verse to which they refer and not in a center column. (Holman)