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Biblical Studies Computer Software

SW-KJV Dake Reference Library-Step Ed (CD-Rom)

-KJV Dake Reference Library-Step Ed (CD-Rom)

Dake Reference Library with WORDsearch 8! 
The Dake Reference Library with WORDSearch 8 features all the notes from the Dake Annotated Reference Bible for your Windows computer. But that's not all... there is included all six books written by Rev. Dake, including the 1,000-page volume "God's Plan for Man." With the Dake Reference Library software, you can copy and paste the Dake Notes and Bible text into your word processor, hear the original Greek and Hebrew words pronounced over your computer's speakers, and much, much more! 

Thompson Chain-Software Products for your personal computer Thompson Chain - Biblical Studies Computer Software

Thompson Chain-Reference
WordSearch 8 Bible Library
Leaders Edition

Thompson Leader's Library 

The Thompson ® Leader's Library has been greatly expanded in WORDsearch 8. The Leader's Library is now a massive library for the professional preacher or teacher. 

Biblical Studies Computer Software that Include 16 Bibles, 17 Commentaries, 5 Devotionals, 9 Dictionaries & Encyclopedias, 10 Greek & Hebrew tools, 5 Bible Handbooks, 12 History and Culture Books, 8 Apologetics/Evangelism Resources, 35 Christian Livings Works, 5 Leadership Tools, 8 Small Group Resources, 8 Theology Works, 4 Topical and Cross Reference Resources, 3 Thompson Chain-Reference Books, 4 Maps and Pictures and much more! you have found It would take thousands of dollars to collect all these works individually. 

Thomas Nelson Computers Software Thomas Nelson Bible Reference Computer Software 

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