Jews And Christians: A Journey Of Faith

Jews And Christians: A Journey Of Faith

Jews And Christians: A Journey Of Faith

Explore the common beliefs, traditions, and rituals shared by Judaism and Christianity. This groundbreaking documentary examines how contemporary Jews and Christians perceive each other, confront prejudice and stereotypes, and how they can understand and respect one another despite their differences.

• Winner of the Silver Angel Award for excellence in media!

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• What Jews believe, what Christians believe
• American Jews and Christians discover their roots in the land of Israel
• The Bible—Do we share a book?
• Ancient Jewish teachings and rituals adapted and absorbed by Christianity
• Influence of the Psalms on Christian prayer
• Covenant, Circumcision, Baptism
• The Messiah – Jewish & Christian perspectives
• Passover and Easter – similarities and differences
• Parting of the way
• History of misunderstanding revealed through liturgy, art and propaganda

Jews And Christians: A Journey Of Faith
By: Gerald Krell Meyer Odze
ISBN-10: 1565639294    ISBN-13: 9781565639294
Publisher: Hendrickson Pub - 2005-03-30
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