New Living Translation Bible on DVD by Stephen Johnston
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New Living Translation Bible on DVD

New Living Translation Bible on DVD

The New Living Translation of the Holy Bible is fast becoming today's most requested Bible translation. Embraced by scholars, pastors and lay leaders, it is impacting lives in a real way, and is now brought to life on DVD. With over 70 hours of dramatic presentation, the New Living Translation New and Old Testament on DVD features a cast of Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe award-winning actors, an original orchestral score and sound effects, bringing the major Bible themes and stories alive.


  • Over 70 hours of Dolby Digital Stereo Audio on two DVDs
  • Synchronized graphics and text showing every verse
  • Widescreen and full screen display
  • Interactive menus that allow direct access to any book or chapter
  • Optional playback modes including:
  • Dramatized multi-voice narration of the Old and New Testament
  • Play a single chapter
  • Play a single book
  • Continuous play of the entire Old and New Testament
  • No region coding
  • NTSC TV format

Holy Bible: New Living Translation Complete Bible
By: Stephen Johnston(Reader)
ISBN-10: 1932556664    ISBN-13: 9781932556667
Publisher: Hendrickson Pub - 2006-03-16
Hardcover | DVD Edition | List Price: $29.95  |Dimensions: 7.48 x 5.35 x 0.55 inches