KJV Complete Bible on DVD, Deluxe Box Set
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KJV Complete Bible on DVD, Deluxe Box Set

KJV bible on DVD

KJV Complete Bible on DVD Deluxe Box Set brings even more exciting features to the King James Version of the Bible on DVD that is used by millions of people every day.

With a superb Tony-Award-winning cast, inspirational music, dramatic sound effects, and enhanced with digital sound, this beautifully narrated Bible creates an unforgettable multimedia experience.

FEATURES Sure to be treasured as a family Bible or a gift, KJV Complete Bible on DVD Deluxe Box Set contains the following features:
• New narration by Stephen Johnston
• Bible Challenge New Testament Question & Answer Game
• Extended photo tour of the Holy Land with three audio tracks
– Audio Track 1: Narrated description and locations of the Holy Land
photos and their Biblical importance
– Audio Track 2: Traditional hymns
– Audio Track 3: Contemporary hymns
• Eight dramatized Bible stories
– Noah Hears God’s Warning
– Abraham and God’s Special Promise
– Joseph Teaches His Brothers a Lesson
– Moses—Israel’s Savior
– David Boy Hero and Israel’s King
– Ruth Proves Love Changes History
– Esther and Mordecai Save the Jews
– Daniel Is Protected by God
– KJV New Testament in MP3


  Deluxe Box Set Bible-KJV
Author: DVD International
ISBN-10: 1932556699    ISBN-13: 9781932556698
Publisher: Wea-Des Moines Video - September 2006

Retail: $39.95
Plastic Cover | DVD Edition | Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches