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KJV The Treasure Study Bible for Kids

Incorporating the same exceptional topical and theme system that has made The Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible the most popular Bible for self-directed Bible study and personal application for over five generations, The Treasure Study Bible actually uses the same Thompson topical numbering system so kids can begin a lifetime of personal interaction with the Word of God.

Each treasure hunt helps kids develop basic Bible study skills, acquaints them with the structure and contents on the Bible, and gives them practice in using and searching the Scriptures. In addition, The Treasure Study Bible includes complete age appropriate study information that makes the Bible real and interesting. Book introductions include: Author Background; Main Point of the Book; Date Written; Number of Chapters; List of the Main People; Special Features of the Book; and a Description of how the Book got its Name. 

Kids choose a topical treasure hunt by starting with the Treasure Map in the front of the Treasure Study Bible. Here they find more than 500 topics to explore, like: Bad Habits, Making Wise Decisions, Feeling Guilty, How to Pray, Pleasing God, and hundreds more! Each treasure hunts begins with a series of questions that helps kids see the importance and personal application of each topic.

The treasure hunt begins when kids look up the first verse in the chain found in the treasure map. When they find that verse, they also find the treasure clue that points them back to the previous verse in the Treasure topic or forward to the next verse on the same topic. So, whether kids are following a particular treasure hunt, or just happen on to a topic during regular reading, they can follow the complete Treasure topic in either direction. 

When kids find the last verse in each treasure chain, the treasure clue sends them to the Treasure Chest section at the back, where references to all the verses in the hunt are listed for easy review. And they find a Treasure Gem that summarizes what the verses have taught them...and how they can apply what they have learned to their own life. 

For personal spiritual growth, The Treasure Study Bible includes daily devotionals called "Daily Treasures from God". In a few minutes each day kids develop the habit of meeting God and discovering that He cares about everything that happens in their lives.

The Treasure Study Bible includes a colorful presentation page to record the kid's name, occasion, person presenting the Bible, and date presented. A beautiful addition that will be cherished forever by the child.

There are other full color pages as well. Here is an example of the Books of the Old Testament grouped by topic: Books of Law; Books of History; Books of Poetry; Major Prophets; and Minor Prophets. Just another helpful tool to aid in kids memorizing Bible Book names.




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