The RSV New Oxford Annotated Bible

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The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha

ISBN13: 9780195283488
ISBN: 0195283481
UPC: 000000016562
Vendor Name: Oxford University Press
Released: Nov 30, 1999
Language: English
Group: Bibles
Format: Hardback
Category: Study
Translation: RSV
Color: Full Color
Features: introduction pages, maps


For decades, the New Oxford Annotated Bible has been the most widely used study Bible in schools, colleges, seminaries, and universities across the nation, meeting the needs of students of all faiths.

One of the most celebrated volumes in Oxford's renowned line of bibles, the RSV New Oxford Annotated Bible features an impressive array of supplementary materials to guide in readers' understanding of the scripture. Outstanding biblical scholarship, affordability, and thousands of satisfied readers have proven that the RSV NOAB is the best ecumenical resource available today.






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