The Clear Word for Kids

The Clear Word for Kids

The Clear Word for Kids

The Clear Word for Kids
Jack J. Blanco

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Hardcover Book 1,042 pages Copyright: 2005
Review & Herald Publishing ISBN: 0-9748894-3-1

At last God speaks your language

Here is a fresh paraphrase of the popular Clear Word--created just for kids. It has no strange idioms, archaic jargon, or big words for scholars. Just pure, simple English clearer, even, than The Clear Wordto make God's message plain as pie to young hearts.

Clear Word for Kids has lots of special, colorful pages with fascinating information--to bring the Bible alive for young readers.

Brief introductions to each book.
How to study your Bible.
How to give your heart to Jesus.
Old and New Testament dates.
Prayers in the Bible.
Miracles of Jesus.
Parables of Jesus.
Apostles of Jesus.
Favorite Bible Stories.
Names of Jesus.
Names of God.
Bible lamps and Bible coins.
Psalms for all times.
Musical instruments.
How your Bible can help you.
The Ten Commandments.
Animals in the Bible.
Colorful maps. And more.






Multi-color Hardcover